Other hotels in place
Maslovo Holiday hotelMoscow , Russia
Maxima Hotel IrbisMoscu , Russia
Maxima Zarya HotelMoscow , Russia
Melody hotelMoscow , Russia
Mini Hotel NanotelMoscow , Russia
Mitino HotelMoscow , Russia
MolodyozhnyMoscow , Russia
Moscow ApartmentsMoscow, Russia
Moscow Marriott Grand HotelMoscow , Russia
Novotel Moscow CentreMoscow , Russia
Park HotelMoscow , Russia
Park Inn Sadu, MoscowMoscow , Russia
Park Inn Sheremetyevo AirportMoscow , Russia
Peking HotelMoscow , Russia
Peter the 1st hotelMoscow , Russia
Petrovo-Dalnee Holiday hotelMoscow , Russia
Radisson Royal Hotel, MoscowMoscow , Russia
Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel and Business Centre, MoscowMoscow , Russia
Renaissance Moscow HotelMoscow , Russia
Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre HotelMoscow , Russia