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Cooperation Agreement

For auction hotel reservations (non-exclusive contract)

This Agreement made by and between

Ing.Martin Švorc,  PrimaHotels.Com,   Libocká 651/51, Prague 6, 162 00, Czech Republic,   ICO: 10444718,   VAT ID:  CZ6411192007 as Auction Reservation System for hotels, next as ARS

 And HOTEL as specified in the profile.


This agreement establishes the terms and conditions of the relationship between ARS and HOTEL whereas

 ARS provides the hotel data distribution and reservations of the hotel rooms and services of the HOTEL in its Auction reservation system running on the internet on the non exclusive base

 and whereby HOTEL is interested in offer of the hotel rooms and services for sale via ARS operating network, primarily running on the URL www.primahotels.com

Therefore it is mutually agreeable between the parties that;




ARS will sell the hotel rooms and related services at its auction hotel portal to its customers. Customers can be private persons, travel agents, tour operators, companies, state, social or interest entities

RESERVATIONS: ARS will sale HOTEL rooms via its web system network and deliver the guest reservations / cancellations real-time to the hotel side via e-mail and extranet. Hotel must secure its mail system for spam filter to route the mail reservations correctly. The ARS e-mail is: info@primahotels.com


COMMISSION PAYMENTS: Hotel will pay the commission in 30 days period by choosen way in its profile in the extranet.


ARS shares the official hotel web site with desriptions, pictures and other information details for customers. Hotel can share the YouTube video files in ARS profile. Hotel agrees to share or let the copyrights.


TRADEMARKS, TRADENAMES, MARKS: Hotel authorizes ARS the right to use  trademarks, tradenames and marks put to the ARS hotel profile to market the Hotel’s content through the ARS’S network. 


ARS opens the hotel content record (called as Hotel administration) with possibility to update the data via web extranet over the SSL protocol, username and password.


DISTRIBUTION: ARS will distribute the hotel data among the other hotels with alphabetical order ascending order at price offers. It means lowest rates are always on the first position.


ARS will open individual auction request and/or group auction request upon the customer decision.


ARS can delete any time the customer profile in violation of auction rules.


ARS sells the hotel rooms in private non public auctions. The hotel rates are shown in the system only to the customers. The other participants in the hotel auctions (other hotels) can see the prices of each other as anonymous offers with the first hotel name letter and category. The other public customers can see only the actual offered price in the location on the homepage.







HOTEL agrees to offer the hotel rooms in the auction sale. Hotel is responsible to complete its hotel profile in the ARS extranet to receive only the auctions matching the Hotel services. Hotel must add link to its official web site, hotel category and other mandatory information in the profile form.


               AVAILABILITY:  Hotel offers the total number of the available rooms to the availability table.


Availability table controls the sold rooms at INDIVIDUAL auction reservations.

Availability table does NOT control the GROUP auction reservations.


INDIVIDUAL auction reservations are with request up to 5 rooms

GROUP auction reservations are with request from 6 rooms and more


So group auction reservations are always go outside the availability table. Once hotel put the offered price to the group reservation request, it means hotel has the requested number of rooms for such group during the auction running time.


Hotel can get in and get out the auction (reject auction) at any time free of charge.


Availability table controls the number of the sold rooms at individual reservations and automatically closes the days, where all available rooms have been sold.


Price – hotel offers always TOTAL STAY price (rate) for all requested rooms and all nights in the guest requested Currency. Price must include the requested meal plan, all taxes, local charges and surcharges. The hotel offered price must include the guest requested services.



                Once hotel offers price to the price box, than agrees to accommodate the guest auction request. If guest decides to make             

                reservation  from such auction – hotel will receive the reservation with the agreed auction price.              


                If hotel is not able to accommodate the requested auction, than hotel has not to offer price to the price box !


RESERVATIONS – hotel is advised about new reservations in extranet (section Reservations) and by mail. All auction reservations must be fully prepaid and can not be canceled. Reservations are non refundable.

PAYMENT for reservations – At individual hotel reservations hotel receives the guest credit card to charge the customer stay. The credit card number is divided on 2 parts. First part is shown on extranet and the rest of the digits are shown in the reservation email. It os due to a security reason. Payment for GROUP reservations is up to the agreement between the hotel and the customer. The  customer is obliged to contact the hotel prior to 24 hours for approval of payment terms at group reservations. As soon as the payment is done or approved hotel close the reservation procedure by clicking on the bottom OK at each reservation record.

If there is a problem with payment over the guest credit card, hotel tries to contact the guest on his email or phone to resolve this. If the problem persists, hotel contacts support centre of Primahotels.com by email with reservation number and hotel ID. The email address is info@primahotels.com . Support centre can cancel such reservation and can delete customer profile regarding the general rules.


HOTEL MAY NOT cancel the reservation provided by ARS.


COMMISSION: is calculated from the total guest stay (Total stay inclusive of tax and bookable services) plus VAT if applicable.

HOTEL will pay ARS a commission for all monthly arrivals, the month following the departure date.


HOTEL is responsible for all hotel data stored in the ARS system. Hotel updates the availabilty and prices and maintains the reservations via the web extranet access.


HOTEL will automatically get the Username and Password to acces the ARS extranet system.


NO-SHOW, LATE CANCELLATIONS.  As all auction reservations are non refundable and can not be canceled, there are no Late cancelations or No-shows rules.  if any guest is no-show hotel need not refund the money. Commission is paid, as the service of the auction platform of Primahotels.Com was provided.


HOTEL can not increase  the offered rate at the confirmed reservations.  All known taxes or local charges must be included in rates. The guest must receive always the final TOTAL STAY rate.




GUARANTEE:  all individual reservations are guaranteed and prepaid with a guest credit card number. Hotel charges the customers credit card.  ARS or any entity in the network do not guarantee the reservations.  If the guest credit card is not correct (invalid, stolen) than the hotel contacts the customers to resolve card problem. If the problem persists than hotel has to advise the ARS about it. The ARS will ask the booking source to update the card or will decide to cancel such booking.      


Hotel room:  As all reservations are prepaid for possible late arrivals, hotel hold the rooms overnight.


Hotel maintains the availability via the ARS Extranet. All changes are on-line at no delay.


Free sale of the hotel rooms is the number of the hotel rooms, which can be open or closed directly by the hotel regarding their needs.


Hotel pays the commission to Primahotels.Com, as ARS, represented by Ing. Martin Svorc.


 CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP / MANAGEMENT: The terms of this agreement shall survive and remain in effect upon the sale or transfer of assets of HOTEL, change in Management Company, or any other change of ownership or management.


JURISDICTION: This Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the Czech Republic and any legal proceeding arising out of this Agreement will occur in Czech Republic, Prague .



The ARS will charge the hotel with the commission stated in the profile. The commission is different for individual reservations and for group reservations. Commission percentage is calculated from the offered total price.  The VAT is added for hotels where applicable.


 TERMS AND TERMINATION: This Agreement begins on the date set forth below and continues until terminated by either Party under the following: Either Party may, with or without cause, terminate this Agreement on at least 365 days written notice of termination. In the event of cancellation, HOTEL agrees to honor any reservation ARS makes before the date the termination is effective. This 365 days period is required to guarantee the hotel accommodation to the customers. Both parties can agrees to make shorter this period regarding the latest reservation check out date.


 CONFIDENTIALITY: All information contained herein shall remain confidential.


The terms and conditions herein are accepted as noticed by signature below.

Both parties accept the electronic signature of this agreement as specified in the profile.



ARS  (as stated above)                                                                HOTEL – as specified in the profile

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Commission for group reservations:  7.00 %
Commissions for individual reservations:   8.00 %
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I agree to adopt the signature below as my electronic signature for the User Agreement shown above. Tuesday, February 19, 2019 3:19 AM, IP address: